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Tucows Review

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PROS / The website has a huge selection of software selections and is very secure.

CONS / The site has an awkward setup and is often cluttered with obtrusive ads.

 VERDICT / We recommend this site for its selection and security.

Tucows.com was one of the first software download sites to offer freeware. It is now an internet service company that provides a large array of services, including back office, web hosting and internet service providers. The original software download website now hosts more than 40,000 downloadable applications. Tucows is the Top Ten Review Bronze Award winner because of its reliability and large selection.

Software Categories

Tucows.com has a huge selection of software downloads. You can find useful applications for mobile and Windows, Mac and other platforms. This site even has applications for Linux operating systems.

This software download site accepts submissions from software developers. The developers can create accounts and upload software for testing and review. As the software is updated, the developers can add these updates to the site. You can check back periodically to find all the latest versions of all the software. There is no charge for original software submissions, and each is tested for viruses and other malware.

Tucows.com is owned and operated by a reputable company that supplies a variety of technology news, web hosting and software review services. The rankings and reviews posted on Tucows.com by the editors are reliable and the site is secure. It may not be the most visited software download website, but it has a large selection of safe and diverse application downloads.

Site Organization

Because there are so many different types of applications available for download, organizing the website is a daunting task. Tucows.com uses a main search bar for the fastest and easiest software organization. Along the top of the screen is a section where software downloads are sectioned off into the platform types, such as Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile applications. Along the left side of the screen the software categories are listed. This is where you’ll find links to download read user reviews and rankings of antivirus and video editing software.

The software download site does not have editor or expert reviews that appear on the website. There are, however, a variety of user rankings and reviews posted to help you find the best download, based on the experiences of other users. The user reviews have a thumbs-up and a thumbs-down icon by each post. This will allow you to find the best user reviews and wade through the spam and focus on the most useful information.

Tucows.com has a few different advanced search options. You can use three different search categories. First, you select the operating system or platform. Next, choose the search keyword, such as anti-virus. And last, you can elect to see all results, freeware or trialware. These advanced settings are very useful in quickly finding the best results. You won’t have to wade through page after page of downloads that don’t fit your needs.

Tucows.com is littered with ads that can sometimes become annoying and cumbersome. The ads take up large portions of the site. However, the ads are all for legitimate businesses and services. If you click on one that interests you, or by accident, you won’t have to worry about being sent to any dangerous or questionable websites.

One of the websites managed by Tucows.com, called Butterscotch.com, will post video tutorials of the software hosted on Tucows.com. This service requires a payment and is not done for every software download. Tucows.com also powers and supplies the downloads and articles for Yahoo Downloads.


Tucows.com is an extremely secure software download site. Each software download is tested for viruses and other malware and spyware to ensure a safe download every time. We read many user forums and reports about the website and found very few security risks or complaints. However, we still recommend using extreme caution when downloading any application.

Help & Support

The software download site offers comprehensive customer support options. This is the only web service we reviewed that has a telephone support line. When we called we were connected to a knowledgeable and friendly customer service representative who was able to answer our questions. The website also has an online form that you can fill out to leave questions for the customer support team. We received email responses to all our questions within three business days.


Tucows.com is one of the best software download sites we reviewed because it is reliable and easy to use. It has an enormous selection of software for Mac, Windows, Linux and mobile operating systems. The site is well-organized and downloads are secure.