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Brothersoft Review

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PROS / This download site has an extremely large selection of software available for download.

CONS / There are some reports of hidden malware in some of the downloads on this site.

 VERDICT / We recommend this download site for its fantastic organization and comprehensive downloads.

Brothersoft.com has an enormous selection of software downloads. The website has conglomerated a series of freeware, trialware and retail software downloads. Finding the software you need is very simple and straightforward with this software download website. The site has a search box along the top of the site as well as a variety of searchable category links. Brothersoft.com is the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner because of the fantastic selection of freeware, trialware and retail software downloads.

Software Categories

Brothersoft.com has a large selection of applications. The website has large libraries of downloadable applications for most platforms, including the following:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iPad Apps
  • BlackBerry Apps
  • Android Apps

Because new submissions are being made daily, it is impossible to list exactly how many different downloads are available on this site. The number is constantly changing. The software is aggregated through developer submission. The software or application is reviewed, checked for viruses and if it fits the safety and other criteria of Brothersoft.com, the software is uploaded. Developers can submit freeware, trialware and retail software downloads. Brothersoft.com also has a variety of different mobile applications and add-ons that can be downloaded directly from the website.

Downloads from Brothersoft.com are free, but some require you to pay for more than just a trial. Before downloading the software, you’ll have to register with the website. It will ask for an email address and a name.

Site Organization

Brothersoft.com is well organized. The site has to manage an enormous amount of software and it does so expertly. The main search bar returns salient results in a logical order. The search returns are largely based on popularity. The site also has search categories, such as security and desktop utilities. The site also has a tag cloud to help organize some of the most popular downloads.

The overall organization of the site is clear and user-friendly; however, there are a few categories missing. While the site supports freeware, trialware and retail software, there are no subcategories for search. You cannot search for a category within the type of download you’d like. For example, you can’t search for free security software downloads. You have to search for security software and then wade your way through the results until you find the freeware downloads. The same holds true for trialware downloads.

The software download site has a variety of main search categories that can be used to navigate the site. We found the search by platform to be especially useful. You can use these categories to quickly find the best and most useful applications that are applicable to your system requirements.

Most software download sites will perform security checks to ensure the downloads are safe and secure. During this process Brothersoft.com will also review the software and give it an editor’s rating out of five stars. The software is rated on a variety of factors such as ease of use and features. However, this rating only appears if it is a three or above. The lowest-rated products do not have a star ranking appear on the download page. The software download page has some of the specifications and system requirements for download. There are no written editor reviews of the downloads on this site. The site does not have any user reviews either, but it does have an average user rating displayed. It is ranked out of five stars. You must first register with the software download site by submitting your email address and creating a password.

The site has a few search categories that we found to be particularly useful. On the main page there is a set of categories that include the newest, recently updated and most popular software downloads. We found the most popular section to be especially helpful in finding useful software downloads. Some other categories include the following:

  • Most Popular
  • Latest Updates
  • Search By Platform
  • Tag Cloud Searches


Brothersoft.com advertizes free virus and malware checks for all the software that is uploaded to the site. We tested the site repeatedly and did not encounter any viruses or any other type of malware or spyware. However, the site is cluttered with ads and pop-ups, and many users have left comments that following these links, even by accident, can lead to severe security issues. On many other user forums people have left complaints of unsafe downloads. We advise using caution when using this or any other download software website.

Help & Support

Brothersoft.com offers very limited customer support options. You can only contact the managers of the website via an online form, and you must first register as a user. However, the response time to the online form was fantastic, compared to some other similar websites. Each question we sent was answered within a few business days.


This download software website has one of the largest selections of applications online. You can use Brothersoft.com to find freeware, trialware and retail software downloads. You can find software for all different types of platforms, including mobile applications for iPhones, BlackBerrys and Androids.